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Caring Connection for Seniors


Stepping Up For Seniors Has Established A Caring Connection For Seniors Project To Help Low Income Seniors Who May Be Lacking Social Interaction.


Participants in the Project are typically referred by community case workers, physicians, hospital and clinical staff, religious organizations, or community service agencies. Self-referrals are also possible by completing an application here.

Once a senior is approved for the program, Stepping Up For Seniors installs the “senior-friendly” audio-video smart device and establishes a fast, reliable internet connection, if one does not already exist. A volunteer then teaches the senior basic commands and uses of the device. Besides conversing with the volunteer, the senior will learn to use the project devise to listen to music, news, stories and jokes, set reminders, and communicate with friends and family. A calling companion will regularly check in with the senior via the audio-video device.

There is absolutely no cost to seniors who participate in the Caring Connection For Seniors Project.

“The objective of the Caring Connection for Seniors Project is to minimize loneliness and depression experienced by many low-income seniors.”
-Jeff Giedt, Project Director


  • Personalized, easy-to-use, voice activated audio-video communication device

  • Personal, ongoing guidance in using the device

  • Fast, reliable Internet connection, if needed

  • Video chats with a volunteer Calling Companion two times a week

  • On-command access to news and weather anywhere in the world

  • Reminders for medicine, appointments, meals, etc.

  • Favorite music, stories, jokes, on request.

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