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Help Us. Help Them.


Estimated seniors in the Phoenix area need our help.


Indigent seniors in the Phoenix area and over 900 of our seniors sleep on the streets of Phoenix every night.


of Seniors live off $11,700 per year, and one third have no money left over each month after meeting essential expenses.

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Please help Stepping up for Seniors in our mission to impact and improve the lives of seniors in our community and beyond. 

AZ Tax Credit

Because Stepping Up for Seniors is a Qualifying Charitable Organization, your donation is eligible for the AZ Tax Credit if you’re an Arizona taxpayer.


How It Works: As an Arizona taxpayer you can make contributions to qualifying non-profit organizations and reduce your amount of tax owed to the state. There is NO NET COST to you, the donor, and deserving seniors in the state of Arizona benefit.


The AZ Tax Credit is a great way to give back while saving money. Learn more about the AZ Tax Credit on

For more information on how you can help, please contact us.

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